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We are Florida Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are working together to stop the 20 years of fraud perpetrated by candidates of both parties who use bogus write-in candidates to disenfranchise millions of Floridians from determining who represents them.

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What Other Citizen Leaders Are Saying...

Dariel Cruz Rodriguez (Students for Open Primaries)

Orlando, Florida

“It’s time for young people to make our voices heard and demand that elections reflect our values and interests. It starts with protecting open primaries in Florida and working to close the write-in loophole.”

Choice Edwards

Clermont, Florida

“In an open primary scenario, each and every legally elected voter can vote in each election without having to join a private party in order to exercise the right of citizenship to vote. I have no opposition to citizens joining any organization that represents their interests. I am opposed to their ability to affect election outcomes by precluding some potential voters from casting a ballot, especially in primaries. This is voter suppression.”

Elena Ashburn

Pembroke Pines, FL

“In Florida, and many states, our general elections have become so uncompetitive that most real choices happen in the primary. Many general elections are predetermined. Partisans tell us just to get out and exercise our right to vote in the general election, but we’re not stupid. We see the fix is in right before our eyes.”

Steve Hough

Southport, Florida

“No matter one’s politics, the right to vote is sacred. It is critically important that we protect the right of Florida voters to participate in primary elections, especially when there is no challenge in the general election.

Dave Aronberg

State Attorney, Former State Senator

“Write-in candidates are mostly sham candidates, recruited with the sole purpose of closing a primary election that would otherwise be open. This disenfranchises voters and harms democracy. Florida voters should be able to participate in taxpayer-funded primaries when that primary is the de facto general election.”

Bruce Armstrong

Naples, Florida

“The Florida constitution says that primaries must be open to all voters if the winner of the primary will face no opposition in the general election. However, with the write-in loophole, the political elite are manipulating our elections and disenfranchising voters who should be able to participate in tax-payer funded primary elections. This loophole kept me from voting in a Collier County Commission race in 2020. This situation is wrong and it is time to close the loophole and let all voters vote!”