Florida Open Primaries



FL is supposed to be an open primary state when all candidates running in an election are from one party.

Florida voters made sure of that when they amended the State Constitution in 1997 by passing the Universal Primary Amendment (UPA) that said primaries must be open to all voters if the winner of the primary will face no opposition in the general election. When candidates from only one party are running, the primary election is the de facto general election.

In 2000, then-Secretary of State Katherine Harris wrote in an opinion that write-in candidates, registered as members of the party that isn’t fielding a candidate, can close the primary. Florida courts have refused to get involved. Her finding continues to allow manipulation of Florida’s elections.

If there is a write-in candidate, independents and members of the parties not fielding candidates are shut out of the primary.

This Is The Write-In Loophole.

Political insiders of both parties have been openly and brazenly perpetuating this fraud on Florida voters for over 20 years. By taking advantage of this controversial “Write-In Loophole”, candidates and their well-paid consultants ask their friends and cronies to be write-in candidates in primary elections. While primaries should be open to all voters, this loophole reverses the Universal Primary Amendment that 64% of voters approved in 1997.

It is one of the worst abuses of voter rights in the country today.

Send a letter to your Legislator today to make your voice heard and tell them to close the Write- In Loophole.


In our last election in 2022, we had a sham write-in candidate close a primary. The sham candidacy was covered in an article in the Naples Daily News by their governmental watchdog reporter. Read CASE STUDY